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Review: Alex Richanbach's "We are young" starring Dana Salah and Drew Brooks.

As a French living in a rural area, we could think that it would be difficult for me to relate to the characters in "We are young", Los Angeles-based 25-year-olds.We could not be coming from more different settings and yet, I really enjoyed "We are young". It is a solid debut feature film from Alex Richanbach and a really enjoyable romance. It could be easy to dismiss this film on the grounds that it "only" talks about twenty-somethings that can't keep away from their smartphones, party or have sex. In that regard, it is a chatty film, with dialogues that could sometimes seem contrived. But if you scratch under the surface, you will find a soul and a heart to that film. The script is polished and the love story strikes all the right notes, even if it is "just a regular love story". I don't mind that. Everybody knows the ingredients to a great love story but few know how to mix those in the correct proportions. "We are young" does that extremely well in my opinion. It's not original but it is well-balanced from start to finish.


The characters play their part well even if I can't help myself but question Ben's motives, especially when he talks about how little sex he did have up to this point in his life. I thought it undermined his love story going on with Angie (played by the refreshing Dana Salah, your new favorite "girl next door"). Alex Richanbach and Drew Brooks show a great chemistry in the bromance field and even if it's not a particularly funny film at the core, it does provide genuine laughs here and there. It is once again a very well-balanced film between laughs and love, bromance and romance, and that is, in the end, Alex Richanbach's biggest achievement. When you have a lot to share with the audience, especially when you wrote the script, directed the film and played in it, you could easily try to put too much into it, with no rhyme or reason but "We are young" does not do that. It's extremely focused from A to Z and it did not disappoint the romance film lover that I am.


When you hear "indie romance movie", you should think "great music" right away and "We are young" does not disappoint in that aspect either. My favorite is still "The first time" by Steven Kaye and Casey Trela that plays in the background of the trailer but also during one of the best romantic scenes of the film. There are a lot of romantic scenes in it, shot like you expect them to be, with great music and beautiful images. I will even go as far as to forgive it when it occasionally strays into the raunchier realm of the new US comedy because "We are young" is at the core a love story. And a solid one at that. You really should check it out while you can. It's free until mid-October 2013 on FunnyOrDie.



Our grade :

Directed by Alex Richanbach.

With Alex Richanbach, Dana Salah, Drew Brooks...

Duration: 1h30.


Synopsis: A movie about guys who act like girls and girls who act like guys.


Available for free on FunnyOrDie until the 15th of October 2013 and then in selected theatres.

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