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Review: "Five dates" starring Nick Bahash and Amanda Lund.

This is a story of a guy who decides to shoot a romantic comedy about the first five dates of a couple-to-be with $3000 of his own money. When it's done, he decides to distribute it through the new Vimeo on Demand digital outlet for $2. Do you wanna know something? That's probably the best $2 I've spent in my entire life on a romantic comedy.


Due to its shoestring budget, the film does not do well when it comes to the sound department. Some lines are very difficult to hear during some scenes (especially in the bar, at the beginning) and that proves once again how important audio is in a film and how it has to be a top priority for directors and team members. There are other problems related to its tiny budget, like some shooting places which appear to be big houses from family members of the crew. And that's fine by me, but in the context of the story of these two students who apparently happen to live in big houses, it does not quite make the whole thing believable. With better sound and settings, "Five dates" would have been an instant classic romantic film.


The script is remarkable. It does not differ a lot from other romantic comedies since it basically tells a classic boy-meets-girl story but it does it with stylish editing and witty dialogs. From the first minute, you're hooked on this love story like you would be hooked on a thriller. Constantly fast-forwarding and rewinding the whole story, the film is a pleasure to watch. You keep hopping from dates to dates, from the third one to the first one, from the first one to the fifth one, and so on. It is truly compelling to watch and few romantic comedies can boast such a riveting variation on a formulaic love story.


The cast makes all the technical problems disappear. Amanda Lund gives a very strong performance, delicate and passionate as well and the on-screen couple she forms with Nick Bahash makes sense. There's a real chemistry between those two. Their scenes together sometimes brought a smile on my face, not because it was particularly funny (it is at times) but because it was very cute to watch. Plus, the supporting characters are funny (kudos to Ted English portraying Seth best friend).


What I liked best about the film is that it is not ashamed to be a romantic comedy. It delivers everything you can expect from the genre and more, even a wholly satisfying ending which has been quite a rare trend in indie romance movies lately (pro-tip: stay until the very end of the end credits). And how can you say mean things towards a film that references "You've got mail" and "Will Hunting"? I personnally can't since they are two of my favorite romance films. All you have got to keep in mind is that "Five dates" is a remarkable achievement, despite its shoestring budget.



Our grade :

Directed by Nick Bahash.

Starring Nick Bahash, Amanda Lund, Ted English, Jennifer Jones.

Duration: 1h34


Seth and Meredith randomly find each other, both having heavy baggage from their pasts. We follow them through their five dates by jumping around the relationship.


Available for $2 on Vimeo on Demand.

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